Who I am

I started programming in 1976. I had the fortune of working for Tymshare who created the first commercial Relational DBMS; Magnum. In the early 80’s my main language was COBOL and for many years, I was a DBA using the IDMS database. It wasn’t until about 1993 that I made the move from Big Blue and heavy metal to Oracle technology. At that time, I was working for Worldcom and was there when the ship went down. This was bad. There I was, an unemployed “mature” individual with only a few years of Oracle experience vying for jobs with more experienced youths. So, I spent this down time reading, and improving my skills. Skip forward to today. Currently I work for a great company called Quinstreet in Foster City. From our building, you can look south and see the Oracle campus off in the distance.

As for this blog, well, it’s mostly for me. Teaching has always been the best way of learning and learning everything I can about my chosen profession is my current focus. It’s my hope that people who read this blog will comment and help me improve.


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  1. Wow , Incredible history!!!

    Hector Gabriel Ulloa Ligarius

    Comment by Hector Gabriel Ulloa Ligarius — July 9, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

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