April 16, 2007

Analytics Performance Comparison

Filed under: ANALYTICS, example, execution plan, explain plan, partitioned by, performance, PL/SQL, row_number, SQL — Michael Moore @ 9:01 pm

In this case Analytic SQL ran 99% faster than a more traditional approach.
The SQL problem being solved in the examples is getting the last 3 of each group.

This is my first attempt at using images for this blog. If you come to the web site, the images appear
somewhat reasonable sized. If you are viewing this through a feed reader, the images may appear
to be gigantic. I am thinking I will avoid images in the future.
I don’t know if this example really proves anything except that under these circumstances,
the analytics query is much faster than the traditional query.
If you think these results are atypical, or have any comments on this example, please leave a comment.
Also, ignore the /*xyzzy03*/ in the example; it is just a comment that I forgot to strip out.






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